Hartman Fire Protection, Inc. is a Texas Corporation established in 1985.

We are located in Dallas and our mailing address is:                             

Hartman Fire Protection, Inc

   11836 Judd Court, Suite 314

Dallas, Texas 75243

Phone: (972) 437-9054      Fax: (972) 907-8530       Email: hfpinc@hartmanfire.com

Feel Free To Phone, Fax or Email us with any queries you may have. Just ask for or address your queries to Art Hartman or Roy Herndon .

Hartman Fire Protection is licensed for fire sprinkler work in the State of Texas.

Our Fire Sprinkler Certificate of Registration General number is


Arthur Hartman is the company's licensed RME-General certificate holder.




1985-2020, HARTMAN FIRE PROTECTION, INC.           

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